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My Subaru WRX



Love takes you where you’ve never been before.

words cannot explain how much i love these set of pictures. my DREAM is to travel the world. It WILL happen.

This is amazing

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I need to get my car tuned… like now.

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Peanut eye … forever my second favourite rex after the GC8 

Never heard peanut eye before lqtm

Some call it blobeye others call it peanuteye

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I like to think of every OEM car as a blank canvas. When modifying our cars, we express our style, personality, mindset and thoughts :- much like an artist as they begin to paint their canvas. Our canvas grows with every modification, time is not an issue to us. It is not until we take a step back that we realise what we have created - a masterpiece that is unique to each and every one of us. Something to be proud of.

This is my masterpiece. Im not finished with her just yet, but i am still proud of my work of art.


you are awesome

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